Version 1.6 (2011-??-??)

  • Added const to a number of API parameters and exposed tpl_map_va (thanks, Simon Dawson!)

  • Fixed a bug in the Windows version of tpl that prevented an application from serializing more than once to the same file- the file stayed locked until the application was closed. (thanks, Werner Krattenthaler!)

  • Fixed a documentation error to indicate that tpl_dump when used in the TPL_GETSIZE mode stores its result in a size_t rather than a uint32_t (thanks, M. Nunberge!)

  • Fixed a typo in the User Guide example of packing a linked link (thanks, Bryan Mishkin!)

Version 1.5 (2010-02-05)

  • tpl now builds as a DLL under Microsoft Visual Studio! (thanks, degski and Zhang Yafei!)

  • there are now two download options: the tarball and the Visual Studio solution

  • a crash in tpl_free on certain format strings has been fixed (thanks, Eric Rose!)

  • fixed a bug in tpl_dump on 64-bit, big-endian platforms

  • changed some pointer casts from long to uintptr_t since 64-bit Windows has 32-bit longs

  • tpl has been downloaded 4,195 times.

Version 1.4 (2009-04-21)

  • fixed-length arrays can now be multi-dimensional like i##

  • fixed-length string arrays like s# are now supported

  • nested structures can now be expressed, using the dollar symbol, e.g. S(ci$(cc))

  • tpl_dump can use a caller-allocated output buffer (TPL_MEM|TPL_PREALLOCD)

  • tpl_load can tolerate excess space in input buffer (TPL_MEM|TPL_EXCESS_OK)

  • implement TPL_FXLENS flag for tpl_peek to get lengths of fixed-length arrays

  • implement TPL_GETSIZE flag for tpl_dump to get dump size without dumping

  • fix success return code from tpl_dump(TPL_FD,...) (thanks, Max Lapan!)

  • deprecated the wildcard unpacking S(*) feature

Version 1.3 (2009-02-10)

  • added TPL_DATAPEEK mode for tpl_peek

  • added support for NULL strings

  • added support for 16-bit integer types (j,v)

  • added tpl_jot

  • added support for fixed-length arrays of structures S(...)#

  • added support for pre-C99 compilers (thanks, Wei Wei!)

  • improved structure alignment calculation (thanks, Wu Yongwei!)

  • added RPM spec file (thanks, Alessandro Ren!)

  • compiles cleanly with -Wall and -pedantic and with -O3

  • made BSD license terms even more permissive

  • test suite: exit with status zero when all tests pass

  • added PDF user guide

  • added update news (RSS)

  • added tpl wiki

Version 1.2 (2007-04-27)

  • Perl API and XML converter support 64-bit types

Version 1.1 (2007-04-25)

  • support for serializing C structures

  • support for serializing fixed-length arrays

  • MinGW support (thanks, Horea Haitonic!)

  • revised User Guide

Version 1.0 (2006-09-28)

  • Initial version