Here are some of my projects. Everything is in C for Linux.

I am putting my priorities on life outside of code these days. Open source is a great way to push your own boundaries but it can also be a huge drain. Live life with your family, your friends, go on the adventure together. If people code in different languages than you do, let them be. Treat them like your neighbor who does woodworking in his garage. It’s a pastime for some of us. Build because building is what you do. We aren’t here to win each others approval or to be better than anyone.

I keep these up from time to time.

Previous projects. Others maintain these now, or help to maintain them.

Some technical notes:

About me

Troy D. Hanson

I’m a low-level C/Linux programmer. I’ve been doing Linux for 20+ years. As a kid I learned to program on the Apple IIc. I still remember those 6502 opcodes.

Troy D. Hanson

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